Knowing The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil?

I was really meditating on this one the other day – what is it exactly? How can I put it in lay language for myself?? What is the fruit made of?? These were the questions going through my brain – so after asking Holy Spirit for some insight, He gave me Genesis 3:11 (After Adam & Eve had eaten from the tree) they were afraid because they were naked. God asked them..Who told you that you were naked?  So here it is.. God knew that it was not something He told them – and so He asked “who told you”…meaning the knowledge that they were naked came from someone else…   hmm, it reminded me of when my daughter came home one day and told me she was stupid. Since I had never told her that,  I  asked her  – “Who told you were stupid?”  Does this scenario seem familiar to anyone?  Now she has a choice – to believe me that she  is great, which is God’s opinion of her too, or the person who told her she was stupid…… ahhh the fruit is in her hand!  If she believes she’s stupid, then she’s eating the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil!  God said, to eat of that fruit will only bring death – so I had to think about what kind of death?  The death that comes from her believing she is stupid is to her self-worth! Wow, so I guess the tree of knowledge of good and evil is nothing more than a knowing that you are other than what God says you are!